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Double-gated flat display screen

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Doppel-Gate-Flaches Bildschirm

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Ecran plat de visualisation a double grille


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[origin: EP0734043A1] The screen has cathodes (1) organised in columns (28) to bombard a phosphor anode. The rows (21) of a first grid (20) are addressed sequentially during a period when the combs (24,25) of a second grid (23) are addressed alternately to form an interlaced image. The cathode columns are addressed simultaneously with each row at a potential to determine the brightness for a pixel defined by the comb addressed within the current row. The bias potential on the combs is chosen so that the electrons emitted by the cathode directly below the comb tracks (26,27) are such that the unaddressed tracks collect the electrons. The focusing potential for a track is greater than that of the unaddressed rows of the first grid while that of the collector is less. Three such assemblies are used to provide a colour display.

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