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Method for continuous optimization of the operating condition of an electrofilter

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Verfahren zum fortgesetzten Optimieren des Betriebszustandes eines Elektrofilters

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Méthode pour l'optimisation continu du régime de travail d'un électrofiltre


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[origin: EP0734773A2] Continually optimising the operating condition of an electrostatic filter comprises: (a) operating with a direct voltage with superimposed pules, derived by full-wave rectification of the mains voltage, the time spacing between successive pulses being variable by screening a selectable number of full mains waves; (b) operating with a constant number of pulses in the normal phase and subsequent test phase of each of successive operating periods; (c) measuring the residual voltage during the normal and test phases in each of successive cycles (1,2,3...,k,...) at a given limitation of the current or voltage and iteratively varying the limitation, depending on the residual voltage change from cycle, so that the residual voltage tends towards a max.; and (d) operating the test phase of each operating period with a number of pulses differing by 1 from that in the normal phase, measuring and comparing the mean voltage values in the normal and test phases and, depending on the difference, iteratively varying the number of pulses from operating period to operating period such that the mean voltage value tends towards a max..

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