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EP 0735321 B1 2000-04-12 - Process for purification of noxious exhaust gases by chemical conversion

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Process for purification of noxious exhaust gases by chemical conversion

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Verfahren zur Reinigung von schadstoffhaltigen Abgasen durch chemische Umsetzung

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Procédé pour la purification des effluents gazeux nocifs par conversion chimique


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[origin: EP0735321A2] The device cleans or purifies waste gas containing toxic substances esp. with fluoride carbonated water etc. The method uses chemical conversion in a combustion chamber with a burner for generating a burning gas flame. By spatial separation of the feeding in of gases of different combinations and quantities into the flame a flame region of reduced chemical strength is created. The gas to be cleaned is fed into this region. A strongly oxidised flame region is also formed. The gas is put into this region and then it is passed through the reduced region. The appts. for carrying out this method has a combustion chamber, a ring burner for the burning gas or gas mixture, and a central supply for the toxic waste gas into the burner. One or more inlet channels are arranged in the wall of the chamber near the burner to additionally feed in air or acid.

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WO 8601131 A1 19860227 - AMERICAN COMBUSTION INC [US]

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