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Counting disc of a sheet counting apparatus

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Zählscheibe eines Blatt-Zählgeräts

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Disque de comptage d'un appareil de comptage de feuilles


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[origin: EP0737936A1] The rotating disk (1) has sections (2) equally spaced around its circumference, with tongues (3) extending in the direction of rotation of the disk (1). Each section (2) has a count opening (9) which causes a pneumatic count pulse to be output when it is covered by a sheet. Each section (2) also has a suction depression (4) whose width and depth increase in the direction opposite to the sense of rotation of the disk (1). Each section (2) also has a group of suction openings lying one after the other arranged in the depression (4). The openings are intermittently connected to vacuum sources via suction channels (6,7) such that in operation, the section in question leaf through the corners of all sheets in a stack. This separates the sheets from each other by suction and deformation and brings about the counting of the sheets. The suction openings in question lie in the middle of the suction depression (4). The section (7) of the channel opening out into the openings is aligned perpendicular to the disk plane and to the base of the suction depression. The suction force thus acts centrally on the depression and perpendicular to the base of the depression.

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