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Intermediary storage of ions for spectrometric investigations

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Zwischenspeicherung von Ionen für massenspektrometrische Untersuchungen

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Stockage intermédiaire d'ions pour des analyses spectrométriques


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[origin: EP0738000A1] The method of characterising ions from a substance or substance mixture fed in batches to an ion source uses a mass spectrometer and a temporary store. The latter is arranged between the mass spectrometer and the ion source. The ions of one or more batches of the substance under investigation are first stored in a temporary store. These ions are then subjected to mass spectrometric analysis portion by portion. Further additional temporary ion stores may be provided. The mass spectrometry system for carrying out this method has a substance supply system. This supplies substances in batches. It also has an ion source to ionise the substance molecules from the batches. It further includes a mass spectrometer to analyse the ions, and a temporary store between the spectrometer and the ion source. The temporary store may be a multiple helix coiled wire with voltage terminals to high frequency generators each with end reflectors.

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