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EP 0738480 B1 2000-07-26 - Articulation device for connecting bracelet links

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Articulation device for connecting bracelet links

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Gelenkvorrichtung zum Verbinden von Armbandgliedern

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Dispositif d'articulation pour relier entre eux les maillons d'un bracelet


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[origin: EP0738480A1] The joint has first and second pins (4,4') attached to two adjoining links (2,2'). Connecting elements (3') join the two pins together. The joint is completely covered by a plate (1) which also covers the edges (10,10') of the adjacent links, regardless of their rotation. The cover plate is held in place by an insert (5) which fits between the two pins and grips them. The pins are connected to the two links by passing through holes (12') in lugs (11',13'). The connecting elements which join them together are in the form of pierced sleeves with holes for both pins.

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