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EP 0738481 B1 20010816 - Depilatory apparatus for removing strips of wax of the human body

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Depilatory apparatus for removing strips of wax of the human body

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Epiliergerät zum Entfernen von Wachsbändern am menschlichen Körper

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Appareil pour l'épilation humaine destiné à l'arrachage de bandes de cire


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[origin: EP0738481A1] The device comprises a body with a handle (11) and a first roller (1) designed to peel off a layer of wax (3) from the skin (4). A second roller (5) holds the skin down as the instrument is moved over it. The first roller has a cam catch (2) to grip the end of the wax layer. Both rollers can be motor driven. The skin retaining roller is rotated at a higher speed than the main roller. The first roller measures some 4 cm in diameter and the skin retaining roller 2 cm. The whole instrument measures about 8 x 8 x 8 cm. In variants of the design the instrument can incorporate a heater and a counter roller to grip the wax layer.

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