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Body structure of industrial device

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Aufbaustruktur eines Gabelhubwagens

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Structure de caisse d'un chariot de manutention


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[origin: EP0738651A2] Provided herein is a battery-operated, three-wheeled fork lift using a counterweight as its rear frame, thereby making weight setting of the counterweight easier and at the same time suitably achieving a simplification of the rear portion of the frame. A unit attaching portion 4 extended substantially horizontally in a direction toward the front is formed on a front surface of a rear portion 2 of the counterweight 1 to be mounted on a rear end portion of the frame, and a drive unit 11 for driving a rear wheel is attached thereto. Further, controller attaching portions 7 are formed on an upper part of front surface of two side portions 3 of the counterweight 1, and a controller 25 is attached thereto. Furthermore, a motor attaching portion 6 extended inwardly to provide an attaching surface by its front surface is formed on an inner surface of one of the side portions 3 of the counterweight 1, and an oil motor 19 for power steering is attached thereto. <IMAGE>

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