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EP 0738815 B1 20000223 - Device for connecting the ends of actuating rods for windows, doors etc.

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Device for connecting the ends of actuating rods for windows, doors etc.

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Vorrichtung zum Verbinden von zwei End-Abschnitten eines Gestänges für Fenster, Türen od. dgl.

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Dispositif de raccordement en bout de tige de tringlerie de fenêtres, portes etc.


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[origin: DE19513837C1] The linkage actuates closing and/or control components between the leaf (10) of a door or window and its fixed frame and extends along a beam (11) in one or the other. The joint comprises a fixed covering rail (22), along the rear of which a driving rack (21) slides in the lengthwise direction. A set of coupling recesses (23) are formed in the rail, while the rack has stamped teeth (24) in one edge.The indentations forming the recesses (23) in the visible side of the rail form bosses on its rear side by which lengthwise surfaces on the rack outside the latter's teeth slide on it. These also act as distance-pieces between the rack and rail. The indentations can be in a straight line along the rail at its centre line. A lengthwise step can be formed along one or both rail edges.

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