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EP 0739691 B1 20000308 - Apparatus for adjusting the stroke of a fluid-actuated percussion device

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Apparatus for adjusting the stroke of a fluid-actuated percussion device

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Einrichtung zum Verstellen des Hubes von fluidgesteuerten Schlageinrichtungen

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Appareil pour le réglage de la course de frappe d'un appareil à percussion mû par un fluide


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[origin: EP0739691A1] A medium under pressure acts on the plunger (8), which works with control drillings or channels at intervals in its axial direction. These work with control edges on the piston (1) of the mechanism, alternately connecting working chambers for the piston to the pressure and return pipes. The plunger can be coupled to a rotary setting member (17). When rotated into one position, the plunger slides axially under the pressure of the medium and against spring action. It cannot slide in any other position. The plunger can have drillings or channels offset in the axial and peripheral directions. With the plunger so coupled to the member so that it cannot slide, the control drillings or channels can be connected to the control edges on the piston.

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