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EP 0740369 B1 20000105 - Short-circuit protection for electric igniter for airbags

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Short-circuit protection for electric igniter for airbags

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Kurzschlusssicherung für elektrische Zünder von Airbags

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Protection contre les court-circuits pour allumeurs électriques d'airbags


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[origin: EP0740369A2] The short-circuit protection has a plastics socket (1) incorporating a pair of opposing contact springs (13,14) associated with a common foot part (18) engaging the peripheral wall of the socket. The contact springs are deflected outwards against their spring force from an inner position in which they contact a pair of contact pins (26,27) for the airbag, projecting into the socket. The foot part is embedded in the plastics material of the socket, which has 2 slots (11,12) on its inside parallel to its axis for reception of the contact springs..

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