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EP 0740945 B1 2000-09-06 - Snowboard with blocks for raising the bindings

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Snowboard with blocks for raising the bindings

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Gleitbrett mit Unterlage zur Erhöhung der Bindung

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Planche de glisse unique présentant des cales de réhaussement des fixations


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[origin: EP0740945A1] The snow board (1) has a maximum thickness (E) and a width (L) in the central zone. Its lengthwise axis (2) corresponds with its direction of travel. Each boot has front and rear fixings (8,9) on a plate of thickness (F), set at an angle to the board's lengthwise axis and mounted on top of a wedge (14) with a height (H) above the surface of the board. At least one boot/fixing assembly projects over the edge of the board by a distance D. The height H of the wedge is equal to or greater than D-(E+F), and is more than 30 mm. The wedges can be made from wood, a metal alloy, a composition material or a plastic, and can have a vibration damping layer of a viscoelastic material. Their upper surfaces can lie parallel to the surface of the board or inclined downwards towards the toe of the boot.

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