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EP 0742132 B1 20000301 - Device for supporting the body of a railway vehicle on its underframe

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Device for supporting the body of a railway vehicle on its underframe

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Vorrichtung zur Lagerung eines Aufbaus eines Eisenbahnwagens auf seinem Untergestell

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Dispositif pour supporter une caisse d'un véhicule ferroviaire sur son chassis


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[origin: EP0742132A1] Shock-loads acting on the truck are absorbed by a damper acting in the lengthwise direction. Brackets (5) each contg. a number of rollers (6) are accommodated in the supporting surfaces (12) in the underframe. Four rollers can be accommodated in each bracket to share the load, being mounted in pairs alongside and one behind the other. The bracket can be box-shaped, the rollers turning on fixed axes in it. It can be guided in a rectangular opening (7), being spring-mounted in them on elastic bases (8). Races of hard flat strip material (4) can be provided for the rollers on the superstructure.

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