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EP 0742611 B1 2000-01-19 - Device for locking a cable end piece to a connector housing

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Device for locking a cable end piece to a connector housing

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Einrichtung zum Verrasten eines Kabelschuhs in einem Steckergehäuse

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Dispositif pour verrouiller une cosse de câble à un boîtier de connecteur


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[origin: EP0742611A2] An electrical cable (3) is fitted with a contact shoe element (2) that is located within a plug body (6) and the lower end is engaged by the connecting end (41) of a tool. The main stem of the tool is formed with a helical form (42) and this has a captive nut (5) that causes rotation to occur when the unit is moved axially. This results in latching elements (21) engaging formed projections (11) to secure the contact shoe element of the cable and so prevents any axial movement.

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