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EP 0743263 B1 2000-01-19 - Packaging and dispensing device for liquid or viscous products

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Packaging and dispensing device for liquid or viscous products

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Vorrichtung zur Aufnahme und Ausgabe von flüssigen oder pastösen Produkten

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Dispositif de conditionnement et de distribution d'un produit liquide ou pâteux


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[origin: EP0743263A1] The packaging and distributor for a liquid or paste (P) comprises a rigid wall product container (2) with an outlet hole. The container is equipped with a pump (18) in its neck (16) comprising a valve allowing the product to leave without air re-entering. The container has a bottom wall (28) constituted by a flexible pocket delimiting a space (23) containing the product. The pocket is capable of being displaced in the container as the product leaves to decrease the volume of the product space and maintain the stored product free from air.

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