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EP 0743534 A2 1996-11-20 - System for exchanging information in a battery mailbox

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System for exchanging information in a battery mailbox

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Informationsaustausch in einer Batterie-Mailbox

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Système d'échange d'information dans une boîte aux lettres électronique d'une batterie


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A system having a battery (30), a battery support unit (20), and an electronic device (80) provides for the exchange of information between the battery support unit and the electronic device via a mailbox (50) in memory (40) in the battery. When the battery is placed in the battery support unit, the battery support unit tests the battery for an error condition. If the battery support unit finds an error condition with the battery, it transmits error data (51) to a mailbox located in the battery's memory. When the battery is then removed from the battery support unit and placed in an electronic device, the electronic device can read the error data in the mailbox and take an appropriate action. For example, the electronic device reads the mailbox and find the error data placed there by the battery support unit. In response to finding this error data, the electronic device enables an indicator (62), such as an indicator that informs a user that maintenance needs to be performed on the battery. The user can continue using the battery, knowing that its operation is likely to be unreliable, or can remove it from the electronic device and insert it into the battery support unit for maintenance. When battery maintenance has been selected, the battery support unit reconditions the battery by performing a predetermined number of charge/discharge cycles, and also performs additional testing on the battery. <IMAGE>

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