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EP 0745962 B1 20000202 - Switching device for automatically controlling a lighting switch

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Switching device for automatically controlling a lighting switch

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Schaltvorrichtung, die eine automatische Betätigung eines Beleuchtungsschalters ermöglicht

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Dispositif de commutation pour la commande automatique d'un interrupteur de l'éclairage


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[origin: EP0745962A1] The switching device has at least one optoelectronic movement detector (1,2) for automatic operation of a room lighting switch (4) in dependence on the room occupation, indicated by the detected variations in the light radiation. The room lighting (5) acts as the source for the light radiation detected by a movement detector operating in the visible light spectrum range, with the room lighting switched off when no perceptible variation in the reflected light radiation (8) is detected within a given time frame.

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