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Polarized electromagnetic relay

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Polarisiertes elektromagnetisches Relais

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Relais électromagnétique polarisé


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[origin: US5673012A] The relay has a rocker armature (3) arranged between a base (1) and a coil (7), which is drawn respectively into one of two switching positions by a permanent magnet (55). Contact springs (34) that work together with the fixed contacts (14) anchored in the base are connected with the permanent magnet. For the stabilization of the construction and for the division between a contact chamber (4) and a coil chamber (6), a main body, preferably with an H-shaped cross-section, is provided, which overlaps the base (1) in the manner of a box, and which comprises projections (57) on both sides of the armature, on which terminal pins of the base can be supported. Through the injection of sealing compound into the coil chamber (6), the construction obtains a high stability. In this way, with one and the same construction, conventional solder pin terminals, SMT terminals and press-fit terminals can be used. The stable main body can transmit high mechanical pressure forces to the press-fit terminal pins supported on it, or can also ensure stability against heat influences during SMT connections.

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