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A shutter device for socket openings

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Schliessvorrichtung für Steckdosenöffnungen

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Obturateur pour ouvertures d'accès de prise


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[origin: EP0746058A1] A shutter device for electrical socket openings, in particular sockets having offset openings, in which a rigid shutter element is housed between a front plate and a rear plate of the device, free to rotate about a first axis parallel to the axes of the two live openings in the socket, equidistant from and in the same plane as these, and free to oscillate about a second axis perpendicular to the said plane and intersecting the first axis. The shutter element, biased to an obstruction position by a spring, is provided with shutter arms each having an inclined plane facing one of the two "live" socket openings, and is displaced from the obstruction position by an action exerted on the inclined plane of each arm only if the action is exerted on both arms together and the shutter is in a predetermined angular position about the second axis. <IMAGE>

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