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EP 0747868 B1 20000209 - Arrangement with emission seal structure in infrared region

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Arrangement with emission seal structure in infrared region

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Anordnung mit Emissionsgradstruktur im Infrarotbereich

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Arrangement avec structure graduée d'émission dans l'infrarouge


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[origin: EP0747868A1] The arrangement has at least one passive movement indicator (2) for detecting people walking through a room (1) bounded by at least one wall. Structure forming means (4) are attached to the wall surface (8) in large surface areas. These (4) have a high degree of reflection relative to the rest of the wall surface (8). Thus the wall surface (8) has alternate localised areas with a high degree of emission and areas with a low emission degree. The passive movement indicator preferably operates in the middle infrared range. The localised areas with different degrees of emission may form a vertical striped pattern. The structure forming means (4) may be adhered to e.g. a ready decorated wall surface (8). The structure forming means (4) may be integrated in wall paper to be attached to the wall (8). The structure forming means (4) may be formed such that in the visible range they only have a small contrast with the surrounding wall so that they are effectively invisible.

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