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Process of binding a book with a hardcover

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Verfahren zum Binden eines Buches mit steifem Buchdeckel

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Procédé de reliure d'un livre avec couverture rigide


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EP 95109627 A 19950621

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[origin: EP0749830A1] An apparatus is described for printing characters upon a book cover with foils and comprises a character image forming section (1) for forming an image signal of characters to be printed, a character printing section (2) for printing characters upon the blank material (3) to be used as the book cover in toner in response to the character signals which have been formed, and a foil adhesion section (6) where foil sheets (5) each having an improved adhesive characteristic relate to toners is superimposed upon the front blank material (3) with the characters printed and then the foil sheet (5) is heated and compressed on the book cover. The foil printing operation may be completed by peeling away the foil sheet (5) from the cover sheet (4) which has been taken out of the foil-applying section (6). <IMAGE>

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