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Shoe with an at least partially elastic lining

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Schuh mit wenigstens teilweisem elastischem Futter

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Chaussure à doublure au moins partiellement élastique


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[origin: EP0750860A1] The boot is constituted by an upper (2) with an external sole and a partially elastic lining (10). The lining defines a volume equal to the largest volume of foot which is to be fit in the boot. The lining volume is adjusted to adapt to the actual volume of foot in the boot by a double row of loops (16) with a lace passing through them. The lace has a pulling and locking tab (19) fixed to its upper loop and a self gripping fastener complementary to a similar fastener (7) on the boot tongue. The spacing of the double row of loops to define between the lining and the boot bottom, without lacing together the loops, a volume corresponding to the maximum foot volume to be introduced. When the loops are laced together the enclosed volume then corresponds to the minimum foot volume to be inserted.

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