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Edge with surmounting aid for the load bearing platform of a road vehicle

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Randleiste mit Ueberfahrhilfe für die Ladefläche eines Strassenfahrzeuges

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Bordure à structure d'aide au franchissement pour plateforme porteuse d'un véhicule routier


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[origin: EP0751053A1] The railway wagon loading platform, onto which lorries are driven, has along its edges (1,2) several transverse structures (12). The road vehicle tyre can be supported on these to aid its clearance. The edging avoids the lateral overflowing of the road vehicle when moving onto the platform. Each platform edge is raised in the shape of an arch forming an upper rounded edge (8). On the arch internal side is a lower lateral edge (9) which is shaped along a cut section (10) to form a continuously sloping sliding ramp (11). This section is used as a guide surface and, in extreme cases, constitutes a sliding plane which prevents all oblique crossing by the wheel.

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