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EP 0751083 B1 2000-02-09 - Aerosol spray valve and aerosol container provided with such a valve

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Aerosol spray valve and aerosol container provided with such a valve

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Druckbehälterventil sowie mit einem solchen Ventil versehener Druckbehälter

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Valve pour pulvérisateur et pulvérisateur ainsi équipe


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[origin: EP0751083A1] The valve (1) for a sprayer comprises a product container , a distributor and a gas propellant. The valve has a control rod (3) which moves axially in its body (2) between open and closed positions. A spring (4) housed in the valve body returns the rod to the top closed position of the valve. The control rod is covered with a push button (5) having a spray nozzle (6). The rod has channels (22,28) for leading the product and propellant gas to the spray nozzle. These channels discharge at one external end of the rod through axially orientated orifices. The orifices are bordered by rings (16,21) which are applied against the front faces of the sealing joints (18,11) through which the rod slides. The rings are shaped to be pushed in at different depths into the joints to sequentially isolate the orifices.

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