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EP 0751272 B1 20000223 - Mounting adapter for a built-in lock

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Mounting adapter for a built-in lock

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Montageadapter für Einbauschloss

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Adaptateur de montage pour serrure encastrable


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Abstract (en)

[origin: EP0751272A1] The adaptor for mounting an encastre lock, having a reversible bolt, comprises a casing (14) having the shape and dimensions for taking the lock. The casing has holes (24) for its fixing onto a door. There are passage holes (26,28) for the operating rod of the lock cylinder and holes (30,31) for the passage of mounting screws to a plate. The number, siting and/or shape of the passage holes are pre-determined to enable two possible lock mounting positions in the casing. The casing has a mounting base (20) and a cover (21) through which the passage holes are made. The mounting base has a part forming a faceplate (48) to be fixed in the door. It is completed by a plate (15) constituting a support for a handle (16).

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