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Electrohydraulic detent system for a directional valve

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Elektrohydraulisches Verrastungssystem für ein Wegeventil

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Système d'encliquetage électrohydraulique pour un distributeur


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[origin: EP0751302A2] The system has a longitudinal slider which can take up at least two switching positions within a valve housing, at least one latching unit with a latching element loaded by a spring and a pressurised medium for locking it in the switching positions by latching into at least one latching notch. A latching spring is tensioned by a piston movable in a pressurised medium cylinder (35) with an electrically actuated valve (50) for delivering the pressurised medium. There is at least one component assembly (11,12,60,61) for electrically evaluatable detection of at least one switching position of the longitudinal slider and at least one electrical switching element (71-74) for latching the slider in each switching position. The slider switching position and the switching element position control the valve opening. All parts of the latching system are mounted on or near the working valve (10) as an assembly which can be removed as a module.

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