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Bobbin for transformer and transformer having such a bobbin

Title (de)

Spulenkörper für Transformator und Transformator mit einem solchen Spulenkörper

Title (fr)

Carcasse pour transformateur, et transformateur comportant une telle carcasse


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[origin: EP0751540A1] The frame includes the terminal (24A,24B) which is in the form of an inverted 'U'. The first arm of the 'U' is forcibly fitted into a slotted housing within the connector (16A,16B), and to the rear, it has a middle part extending to the terminal point. The second arm of the 'U' is backed onto the connector and includes the internal connection (25A,25B). The internal connection belonging to each electrical winding lies at the end of a bend directed wholly towards the exterior and comprises a simple point parallel to the U-arm or a hook to clamp down on the wire. The external winding is connected by a threaded hole (36) to receive a screw (38) which clamps the wire under a plate (39).

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