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EP 0753568 B1 2002-09-25 - Granular builder for detergent compositions

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Granular builder for detergent compositions

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Granularer Waschmittelbuilder

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Adjuvant sous forme de granulé pour les compositions détergentes


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[origin: EP0753568A2] Granular washing agent builder (I) in the form of a cogranulate comprising a mixt. of NaHCO3 and crystalline sheet silicates of formula NaMSixO2x+1*yH2O, where M = Na or H, x = 1.9-4 and y = 0-20. The novelty is that (I) a) contains 5-50 wt.% crystalline sheet silicate and 50-95 wt.% NaHCO3; b) has a pH ≤ 10 in 1% soln. in distilled. water; c) has a Ca binding power ≥ 150 mg Ca/g (30 degrees dH) and a Mg binding power ≥ 4 mg Mg/g (3 degrees dH) and d) a bulk density ≥ 850 g/l. Also claimed is the prepn. of (I) by mixing together NaHCO3 and sodium silicate in powder form and feeding the mixt. into a zone where it is compacted under pressure between two rollers rotating in opposite directions to give a solid body (cuttle-bones) and reducing the solid body and then separating the desired grain sizes from the over- and undersized material. Also claimed are the washing and cleaning agents containing (I).

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