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Manual suction apparatus for the machine cleaning

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Manuelle Absaugvorrichtung zur Maschinenreinigung

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Appareil d'aspiration manuel pour le nettoyage de machines


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[origin: EP0753612A1] A textile machine has a suction plant (1a, 1b) connected to stationary suction equipment (3) to remove fibres, particles and/or trash from the working section (A). A second flexible tubular suction duct (4) is connected at its fixed end to the suction plant (1a, 1b). Its free end (6) can be freely moved round the working area (A) to draw fly and trash into the suction plant. Also claimed is a method of using the above appts. Pref. the flexible hose (4) is connected to the filter housing (1) of a drawframe suction system which can have its own fan (11) or be operated from a central suction plant (14). Removal of the nozzle (6) from its holder (5) for manual cleaning of a stationary machine activates a switch to close off the suction to the stationary equipment (3) with a flap (10) so that the full capacity of the suction system is available to the hand nozzle (6).

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