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Electromagnetic yarn brake and loom with such yarn brake

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Elektromagnetische Fadenbremse und Webmaschine mit einer Fadenbremse

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Frein de fil électromagnétique et métier à tisser avec un tel frein de fil


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EP 95810479 A 19950724

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[origin: EP0756028A1] An electro-magnetic thread brake has a stationary electro-magnet (1) comprising a coil, a core with an armature and a passive and an active braking agent, i.e. plate, which is coupled to the armature (4) to move against the passive agent when the electro-magnet is excited. The core (3) can be adjusted to vary the air gap between core and armature. Also claimed is a loom with the above brake where a thread tension sensor is located before the brake and connected with a controller for transmission of a signal for regulating the thread brake.

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