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Apparatus for marking lines on the ground

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Vorrichtung zum Ziehen von Bodenmarkierungsstreifen

Title (fr)

Appareil à tracer des lignes au sol


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[origin: EP0756037A1] The device has a chassis (1) on wheels (2). The chassis supports a pump (3) with a suction (4) and outlet (5) ferrules. The outlet ferrule is connected through an outlet pipe (6) to a distribution nozzle (7). The chassis supports a paint container (9) having a neck (49). The pump suction ferrule is connected to a suction pipe (10) having a flexible part (46) introduced into the container through its neck. The suction pipe has a plug (11) fitting into the container neck. The plug rim external diameter is greater than that of the container neck so that the plug abuts on the neck. A central passage through the plug provides atmospheric pressure inside the container. The plug has a cylindrical body in which is inserted a channel, parallel to the plug longitudinal axis, whose axial length is greater than that of the plug. Thus its ends pass through the plug and constitute ferrule connections for the suction pipe. The pump outlet chamber has an outlet (56) connected to a return pipe (57) passing through the plug.

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