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Device for monitoring the vacuum of a vacuum switch

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Vorrichtung zur Überwachung des Vakuums eines Vakuumschalters

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Dispositif de surveillance du vide d'un disjoncteur sous vide


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[origin: EP0758794A1] A device for monitoring the vacuum of a vacuum switch having at least one vacuum switching tube (interrupter), a switch chamber and switch contacts and a remotely interrogated or scanned pressure measuring sensor arranged within the vacuum interrupter, and a remote interrogation device. The device enables measurement to be carried out both with a contact open as well as with a contact closed during operation e.g. during measurement of pressure-proportional ion current flow in the vacuum interrupter. Thus the remotely interrogated pressure measuring sensor used comprises a surface wave filter or a surface wave resonator and the remote interrogation device comprises a transmitter, a receiver and an evaluation device.

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