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Retaining device

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Dispositif de retenue


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[origin: EP0759277A1] A connecting tab is pivotably fitted at the free end of a first arm of the U-shaped clamp stirrup and comprises two arms directed towards each other angularly, of which one is formed as clamp arm, the length of which is greater than the distance between the two U-arms. The end of the other arm connected to the clamp arm is formed as a U-shaped spring clamp for suspension of an object. Out of the free end of the U-shaped spring clamp (30) is bent a counter hook formed by incision and which extends inwards between the two arms of the U-shaped spring clamp. The free end of the U-shaped spring clamp in the closed starts of the holding device (10) supports on the second arm (18) of the U-shaped clamp stirrup (12), which is longer than the first arm (16).

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