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EP 0759357 B1 2000-05-03 - Method and machine for making window envelopes around a document

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Method and machine for making window envelopes around a document

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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Herstellung von Fensterbriefumschläge um ein Dokumente

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Procédé et installation pour la préparation d'enveloppes à fenêtre autour de documents


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[origin: EP0759357A1] The envelope blank (6) is taken from an opaque band by cutting along lines (6A) perpendicular to its edges (1C,1D) to form a series of identical modules (6B). Each envelope is made by folding flaps (5) of the blank along lines (5A) parallel to opposite sides of the document (2). An imprint and a window (4) are made on one of the external and internal faces. The longitudinal position of an index (8) is defined and memorised relative to one of the longitudinal and transverse positions of the impression and window. Then the impression is made on one of the band faces (1A,1B), sequentially on each module. The index is marked on each different module along a longitudinal step (P1) equal to the spacing (E) of the cutting lines . Finally the position of the index is detected and relative to it a cut (4A) for each window is made followed by fitting of the screen (4B).

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