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Shearing device for different kinds of bodies

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Schervorrichtung für verschiedenartige Körper

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Dispositif pour cisailler des corps de différente nature


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[origin: EP0760257A1] The shredder consists of a housing (1) containing at least one rotary shaft (3) with its axis (7) set at a given distance from the housing wall (19). The shaft carries one or more shredding discs (8) with spacer rings (9), and there is a scraper plate (20), generally triangular in shape, between the spacer ring and housing wall. The scraper plate has a concave recess (21) of the same radius as the spacer ring and lying coaxially with it, and is made of first (34) and second (36) sectors separated by an imaginary plane passing through the axis of the recess and spacer ring and intersecting the side of the triangle situated opposite the recess.

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