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Ski and walking stick

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Ski- und Wanderstock

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Canne de ski et de marche


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[origin: EP0761262A1] The pole (1) has a non-circular, mainly triangular, cross-section, which is the same over its complete length, and a longitudinal row of holes in its top section. A locking bolt (9) engages into the holes (14). The bolt is located on the free end of a flexible tongue (10), which is positioned on a freely movable pole grip (4). The free tongue end is connected to a trigger (12), to release it and disconnect the locked connection (9,14). The trigger is ring-shaped. It surrounds the pole with free play, which is larger than the locking path of the bolt. The flexible tongue is positioned in the rear area of the grip, facing the ball of the hand holding the grip.

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