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EP 0761543 B1 2000-11-29 - Method for checking the atmosphere inside containers sealed with a lid

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Method for checking the atmosphere inside containers sealed with a lid

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Verfahren zum Kontrollieren der Atmosphäre von mit einem Deckel versiegelten Behältern

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Procédé de contrôle d'atmosphère de pots scellés par un opercule


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[origin: EP0761543A1] The procedure consists of attaching each seal lid to the periphery (3) of a group of pots, the centre of each lid having an aperture (17) which can be connected, for example, to a suction unit or other atmosphere control system. Once the atmosphere inside the whole group of pots has been controlled, the lid is applied and sealed to the individual pot's edges. Each of the apertures (17) is situated at a point where four adjacent pots meet, and the atmosphere inside the pots is controlled by attaching a valve (5) to the lid's aperture. Once each group of pots has been sealed it can be cut to divide it into smaller groups or individual pots.

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