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EP 0761807 B1 2000-11-02 - Pulsation flow to optimize nitrogen consumption

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Pulsation flow to optimize nitrogen consumption

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Strömungsschwingung zum Optimieren des Stickstoffverbrauchs

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Flux de pulsation pour optimiser la consommation d'azote


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[origin: EP0761807A2] The present invention comprises a process for reducing the quantity of inert gas required to deodorize crude edible oil in a deodorizer, facilitated by intermittently supplying an inert gas, to produce edible quality oil. In a preferred embodiment, the amount of inert stripping gas required for deodorization is minimized, while still accomplishing both the operation of gas lift umbrella trays in the stripping section of the deodorizer and effective removal of impurities from the edible oil. <IMAGE>

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