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EP 0762337 A3 20000119 - Method and device for enhancing manipulation-proof of critical data

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Method and device for enhancing manipulation-proof of critical data

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Verfahren und Anordnung zur Erhöhung der Manipulationssicherheit von kritischen Daten

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Procédé et dispositif pour augmenter la protection contre la manipulation de données critiques


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[origin: EP0762337A2] The control unit (6) has a microprocessor or an OTP (one-time programmable) processor that has, in addition to CPU (6a), other units in common housing, forming the OTP ROM (6b), and OTP ROM (6c) and acting as a security unit against unauthorised manipulation. The first non-volatile memory (NVM 20) is an EEPROM, serving as a second line of defence against manipulation. There is also an external non-volatile memory (NUM 25) acting in the same way connected to the processor (6) through an input/output control module (4), particularly against taking information out.

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