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Heater for liquid or gaseous combustibles

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Heizkessel für flüssige oder gasförmige Brennstoffe

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Chaudière à combustible liquide ou gazeux


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[origin: EP0763700A1] The boiler includes a steel metal casing (1) with a cylindrical steel metal tube arrangement (4) which encloses a conversion burn chamber (2) and fuel gas supply tubes (3). A casted insert (6) forms the conversion burn chamber and limits radial arranged longitudinal rips (5) which are in contact with the cylindrical steel metal tube arrangement to conduct heat therefrom. The insert is provided with a bridge (7) at his outlet side, which is formed as a casted, uniform body with the insert. The bridge is in contact with the ends (5') of the longitudinal rips and extends along a lower half of the interior surface of the steel metal tube arrangement.

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