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Secondary projectile for a tandem warhead

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Sekundärgeschoss für einen Tandemgefechtskopf

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Projectile secondaire pour projectile du type tandem


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[origin: US5594197A] The present invention relates to a secondary projectile for a tandem warhead including a forwardly located active charge, a rearwardly located active charge and a fuze which is arranged therebetween, and whose triggering direction is oriented towards the forwardly located active charge, whereby the transmission of the ignition or triggering is implemented forwardly through the intermediary of a booster charge and towards the rear through the use of a cross-triggering device. The booster charge which is triggered by the fuze consists of an explosive material and lies directly against the forwardly located active charge, and wherein the booster charge at the other side thereof is separated by thin cross-ignitable wall segments of a housing of the cross-triggering device from at least two tongue-shaped explosive material poles of the rearwardly located active charge.

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