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Positioning device for a document processing device

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Stellvorrichtung für eine Belegverarbeitungseinrichtung

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Dispositif de positionnement pour un dispositif de traitement de documents


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EP 95114468 A 19950914

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[origin: EP0764544A1] The invention relates to a positioning device for a document processing device such as a printing device or an image reading device. The printing device comprises a supporting plate (2), a head plate (9) provided on said supporting plate (2), and a printing portion arranged on said head plate (9), wherein at least one hole (2c) is formed in said supporting plate (2), said at least one hole (2c) being parallel to said printing portion and piercing through both sides of said supporting plate (2). The shape of said at least one hole (2c) is of a round hole or a circular groove in which a portion on the circumference of a circle forming the groove is formed as an opening connecting to one side of said supporting plate (2) and in which the width of said groove opening is smaller than the diameter of the at least one hole (2c). <IMAGE> <IMAGE>

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