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A needle arrangement for knitting machine

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Nadelvorrichtung für Strickmaschine

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Dispositif d'aiguille pour métier à tricoter


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[origin: EP0764734A1] Disclosed is a needle arrangement for knitting machine which effectively solves the problem of faulty loop transfer. The needle arrangement includes a cylinder needle (2) which cooperates with a dial needle to form loops and a needle bed having a plurality of axially extended needle walls projected from a periphery thereof. The cylinder needle (2) includes a hook (22), a latch (23) and a transfer-shoulder (21) integrally formed with a stem of the needle (2) below the latch (23). The transfer-shoulder (21) is so formed that it has a curved cross section and an outward and downward inclined top edge. The inclined top edge provides a shoulder clip for the dial needle to extend into. The curved transfer-shoulder (21) establishes an eye (24) of transfer needle between it and the stem of the needle (2) and allows the needle (2) to locate in the needle bed with the projected needle walls of the needle bed received in the eyes of transfer needles. <IMAGE>

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