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EP 0765604 B1 2000-11-08 - Process and apparatus for flavouring tea and similar products

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Process and apparatus for flavouring tea and similar products

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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Aromatisieren von Tee und teeähnlichen Erzeugnissen

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Procédé et installation pour aromatiser du thé et des produits analogues au thé


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[origin: EP0765604A1] Process for combining dry tea leaves (25), or a tea-like substance, with an added aromatic ingredient (8, 23). The added aromatic substance is pref. a dry granulated product taken from a hopper feed and placed in small discrete doses on a moving belt made of tea bag filter paper, with pre-determined doses of dry tea leaf (25). The belt and contents are subsequently folded, cut and sealed into tea bags. In the process, (a) the aromatic ingredient (8, 23) is placed in small discrete heaps on the filter paper belt (1); and (b) the small piles of dry tea leaf (25) are placed on the belt (1) on or adjacent to the aromatic ingredient piles (8, 23), and (c) the combined individual portions of aromatic additive and dry tea are then wrapped in the filter paper (1) as a tea bag. Also claimed is an appts. for the process.

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