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EP 0767355 B1 2000-04-05 - Flechette-type sub-calibre projectile for practice, using kinetic energy

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Flechette-type sub-calibre projectile for practice, using kinetic energy

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Unterkalibriges Flechette-Übungsgeschoss vom kinetischen Energietyp

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Projectile d'exercice sous-calibré à énergie cinétique du type flèche


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[origin: EP0767355A1] The projectile consists of a penetrator (1) and a tail fin assembly (2). They are joined by a mechanical coupling (6,7) designed to separate after a predetermined flight duration. This causes the tail fin assembly to rotate relative to the penetrator by the aerodynamic forces acting on it. The mechanical separator is formed by two engaging fine-pitch threaded surfaces on the coupling components (6,7). For e.g. a 105 mm calibre projecting, the thread pitch is of the order of 0.25 - 1 mm for a length of about 50 mm. After a given flight duration the tail fin assembly unscrews from the penetrator, which drops rapidly to the ground.

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