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Spin braking system for a cargo ammunition submissile

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Drallabbremsende Mittel für ein Trägermunitionsubgeschoss

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Perfectionnement apporté à un système de freinage aérodynamique d'une sous-munition éjectée d'un obus cargo en étant animée d'un mouvement de rotation


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[origin: EP0767356A1] The braking system comprises a container (2) surrounded by a skirt (5). It is equipped with several air brakes (10) which are folded over the sub-munition and designed to deploy once it has been ejected from the carrier shell. The air brakes are held in their folded position inside the shell by a plate (23). The plate has series of radial arms (20) spaced evenly round the edge of the plate and attached to it by welding or adhesive, or made in one piece with it. The components of the sub-munition are joined together by a flexible element (25) such as a cable or chain, and the air brake retaining plate and arms are deployed by centrifugal force.

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