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EP 0768102 B1 2000-01-26 - Length adjustable skibinding groundplate

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Length adjustable skibinding groundplate

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Längsverstellbare Skibindungsgrundplatte

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Embase de fixation de ski réglable longitudinalement


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[origin: EP0768102A1] The fastener base consists of a slider (1) which is fixed to the ski and has a row of notches (4) lying parallel to the slider's axis. A plate (5) can slide along the slider and is equipped with a spring-loaded catch (6) which engages with at least one of the notches and fixes the plate relative to the slider. The catch also has a release lever (13) which is pivoted to the plate. The catch (6) is made from a component which is separate from the lever and slides transversely relative to the plate. The base has a moving element (16) to suppress the play between the plate and slider when actuated by the lever. The moving element is in the form of a shoe which slides in or beneath the plate on a level with the inner edge of the slider opposite the notches. The lever is connected kinematically to the shoe by a curved link (18).

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