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EP 0768127 B1 2000-07-12 - Drawing apparatus for a press

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Drawing apparatus for a press

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Ziehvorrichtung für eine Presse

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Dispositif d'étirage pour une presse


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[origin: EP0768127A2] The device has a piston rod (5) to retain a metal sheet in a holder, which can be accelerated before the application of a drawing element. An accelerating cylinder (5) is fixed to the press, and has an accelerating piston which combines with the rod, and which has a larger first pressure surface which opposes the drawing direction, than its opposing second pressure surface. The corresponding first and second pressure spaces (7,8) in the cylinder around the accelerating piston can be connected to a pressure reservoir (11), and the first pressure space can also be connected to a dosing cylinder (15), in which a dosing piston (16) is guided. A forward stroke cylinder (17) is fixed to the press parallel to the retaining piston rod, and has a forward stroke piston rod (18) and a piston (19), which is separated from it by a controlled first pressure volume (20). A second pressure volume (21) can also be displaced by this piston.

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