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EP 0768413 B1 2000-04-12 - Thread furnishing device for textile machines

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Thread furnishing device for textile machines

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Fadenliefervorrichtung für Textilmaschinen

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Dispositif d'alimentation en fil pour machines textiles


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[origin: EP0768413A1] A yarn feed for textile machines has a vertical driven yarn storage drum (13) with an upper yarn entry region (26) in the form of a flat truncated cone and a lower storage region (29) which is cylindrical with a lower edge (36) without a bead. A yarn (21) is guided (24) tangentially to the entry region (26) and removed tangentially from the storage region (29) by a yarn guide (28). The vertical distance of the yarn guide (28) from the lower edge (36) corresponds to the distance between the yarn entry (33) and yarn exit (34) on the cylindrical storage region (29).

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