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EP 0768422 B1 20000503 - A laundry washer with improved dynamic equilibration system

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A laundry washer with improved dynamic equilibration system

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Waschmaschine mit dynamischer Auswuchtvorrichtung

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Machine à laver avec dispositif d'équilibrage dynamique


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[origin: EP0768422A2] A laundry washer for domestic use having a drum with a dynamic equilibration system comprising a plurality of annular hollow bodies fixedly connected to the drum and a plurality of movable bodies of cylindrical shaped disposed for free displacement within the hollow bodies. A fluid is contained in the hollow bodies and adapted to distribute itself along the circumference of the hollow bodies. The fluid has a viscosity between 40 and 130 mPa.s. The cylindrical movable bodies have a diameter between 10 and 18 mm, a length which is less than the internal width of said hollow bodies by an amount of between 1 and 2 mm, and an outer diameter less than the internal height of said hollow bodies by an amount not exceeding 0.75 mm. <IMAGE>

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